Division of Communication and Theatre

Ever had a story you just had to tell? Do you always want to put on a show? Is the camera always in your hand looking for the best shot, or a smartphone showing the world what is going on?

The Division of Communication and Theatre is where you learn to give voice to the stories around you – stories that should be told with professionalism, integrity and human connection.

Through majors in Convergent Journalism, Human Communication Studies, Media Communication, Strategic Communication, and Theatre you will learn how to “give voice” – which is the Division’s mission for all students. Sometimes that “voice” will be played out on stage through a character. Sometimes it will be the voice of an organization or a leader creating better relationships in the workplace. Sometimes the voice is made for radio or television and sometimes it is writing the stories of your community.

IWU Communication and Theatre students learn the theories and principles of the field in the classroom and then immediately apply them through public service, media outlets, theatrical venues and academic research.

Communication and Theatre faculty hold the highest academic credentials in their field and bring decades of professional experience to their teaching. At IWU you will learn and do communication and theatre alongside professionals who still practice what they teach.

At the center of IWU’s Division of Communication and Theatre is Christ as master storyteller and communicator. His model guides the excellence sought in every program, from classroom to community, studio to stage.

Explore the programs on these pages. Get an update on the latest communication events on ComWire. Visit the communication organizations and outlets. Bring your voice to the task of giving voice in a world that needs storytellers.

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