Finance is at the core of every organization - every business, nonprofit, church, institution, government agency and even every family must obtain and manage the money it needs to operate. That is the realm of finance and what Indiana Wesleyan University's Finance Bachelor's degree is all about. There is always a need for people with a solid knowledge of finance, money management and a strong moral compass.

As a Finance major in Indiana Wesleyan University's school of business, you will learn about the time value of money, how taxes and investments affect cash flow, financial ratios, micro economics and macro economics. Your undergraduate coursework will include:

  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • International Business

But you will learn more than just how to crunch numbers. The real work of finance is creative and involves finding ways to free up capital from existing sources and obtain capital from new sources so the organization can take full advantage of both current and future opportunities.

Every major organizational decision is evaluated by assessing the potential benefits and related costs, the inherent risks, and the impact on various stakeholder groups. Finance majors are equipped to play a major role in this assessment process.

Is the Finance major right for you?

Are you looking for a Christian university with a top program in business finance in Indiana? Do you enjoy working with numbers and solving problems? Can you envision yourself helping an organization become financially stronger so it can better serve its constituents? Are you looking for a career in which you can truly make a difference? Can you see yourself applying solid Christian values to the financing process and ensuring that organizations exercise good stewardship of the resources God has provided them? Then you should look into majoring in Finance at IWU.

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Faculty who teach Finance classes have a variety of experience working in different areas of finance. These individuals have worked in areas such as investing, financial planning, and consulting.

Click on a faculty member's name below to learn more about the individual.

Jack Wheeler; MAcct PhD Asst Prof; Accounting and Business View Profile
Matthew J Mize; MA, CPA Assoc Prof; Business View Profile
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