The Photography major at IWU is a multi-faceted approach to lens-based media designed to give students a comprehensive experience in photography. Classroom offerings begin with an introductory digital imagery course and build upon this foundation with additional digital-based studies. Realizing the importance of traditional techniques and silver gelatin processes, we also provide students with film-based darkroom classes and activities.

Preparation for specific professional pursuits is covered in studio and product lighting classes. Students will gain experience working with professional lighting systems and techniques.

In response to changing trends in art and the need for developing critical thinking skills as well as an awareness of postmodern approaches to image making, this program challenges emerging student photographers to pursue and develop their own personal vision. The culmination of the program is a public exhibition of a significant body of visual images presented in the final semester of the senior year.

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Additionally, two art history courses are required from the following:



At Indiana Wesleyan University, our Photography program is designed to offer a Christ-centered approach to improving your craft as an artist. Our faculty members bring to the classroom comprehensive experience in the digital imagery field. Your learning experience here will take you far beyond basic design theory as you are encouraged and challenged to develop your own personal vision as a photographer.

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Robert Curfman; MA, MFA Professor; Art View Profile
Dallas Walters; MFA Professor; Art View Profile
William Carpenter; MFA Assoc Prof; Art View Profile
Rodney Crossman; MFA Prof. Art | Artist in Residence View Profile
Daniel Hall; MA Asst Prof; Art View Profile
Henrik Soderstrom; BFA MFA Asst Prof; Art View Profile
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