Illustration is the innovative practice of bringing imagination to life. Indiana Wesleyan University's Illustration major is focused on the premise of artistic collaboration, the creative process that takes place between student and professor. The objectives of the partnership are centered on the requisites of drawing, painting, and design to craft imagery for the written narrative. Our students are prepared to utilize both traditional and digital media as means to embrace the artistic process for the purpose of pictorial application.

Your experience with us will cultivate your signature style, instill aesthetic competence, and empower your ability to implement convincing, imaginative sensibilities with which to communicate in the global marketplace. And while you're here-at one of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the country-you'll be part of God's unfolding story as you set out to discover God's grand design for your life.

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At Indiana Wesleyan University, our Illustration program is designed to offer a Christ-centered approach to improving your craft as an artist. Our faculty members bring to the classroom a high level of experience in and knowledge of the process of visual idea making and the challenging circumstances that surround conceptual development. Your learning experience here will take you far beyond basic design theory as you are equipped to create your own signature style and given the ability to implement convincing, imaginative sensibilities as you communicate a visual narrative.

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Ronald Mazellan; MA, MFA Professor; Art View Profile
William Carpenter; MFA Assoc Prof; Art View Profile
Rodney Crossman; MFA Prof. Art | Artist in Residence | Vice Chair of the Division of Art View Profile
Daniel Hall; MA Asst Prof; Art View Profile
Henrik Soderstrom; BFA MFA Asst Prof; Art View Profile
Dallas Walters; MFA Professor; Art View Profile
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