Started in 1963, the IWU Phonathon now stands as one of IWU's premier opportunities to help current students. More than 30 students invest their time each year calling alumni and friends to invite them to donate funds used to keep tuition costs low.

The IWU Phonathon raises more than $100,000 annually. We have set a three-year goal to more than double that amount.

For your convenience, we are able to accept your gifts via credit card. Please contact us at 765-677-2745 or with any questions.

Thank you for helping us help IWU students.

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  1. What is the purpose of Phonathon? To solicit donations from alumni and friends. These funds are used for the general operations of the University and serve to keep tuition costs low. The funds help to cover the more than $17 million in educational services provided to our students that aren't covered by tuition.
  2. Why is Phonathon calling me? Every year, thousands of alumni and friends of the University donate funds to make sure students receive a high-quality Christian education. They do this because they believe in the significance of preparing students to be world-changing leaders. We believe most people want to make a significant difference in our world, and if given the opportunity, will support IWU's mission of creating world changers.
  3. How can my small gift make any difference? Gifts big and small are vital to ensuring that students will be able to come back to finish their academic careers. Of all students at IWU, more than 90% receive financial aid. Without the continued generosity of alumni, family and friends, numerous students simply could not afford a high-quality Christian education. When your gift is combined with thousands of others, students' lives are changed forever.


Phonathon was started in 1963 to facilitate helping students who were facing financial hardships. Alumni, family and friends were called to help with those expenses. Today, the IWU Phonathon continues to enable students to attend our school. With more than $100,000 raised annually and a three-year goal to double that number, we are committed to making sure the resources our students need are available. We can't do that without you. Thank you for giving.

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