For those who create music because they have to!

If you are on this page, it is not by accident. Among promising composers, it is rare to find one who "stumbles" into composition. Indiana Wesleyan University's Bachelor of Music in Composition program will help you discover the most effective way to communicate your ideas. This effectiveness comes from studying numerous things during your time at IWU. You will study music theory and understand how it can serve you. You will explore how to color your music so that it best captures the moods and feelings you want to express. You will also learn to develop strong relationships with other talented people who will support you and could assist you in realizing your musical ideas.

It is no accident that you are looking at Christian universities and the Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Music. You are here, investigating, because you sense a call from God to this art and science of music. Be assured that everyone involved in music at IWU, from faculty to students to other prospective students, has sensed a similar call. In the IWU Division of Music, we encourage one another to make music that has the potential to impact the world.

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