IWU's Social Studies faculty members come from a broad spectrum of disciplines within the social sciences. While some instructors will define their discipline as a social science, others as a behavioral science, and still others as part of the humanities, they all share a common commitment to studying human beings and the human condition, both socially and individually.

All of our faculty members are highly qualified and hold advanced degrees in their respective disciplines. They are fully committed to academic excellence, student learning, and Christian service. Through teaching and mentoring, they endeavor to challenge students to examine, analyze, and understand God's world, especially those created in his image.

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David Bartley; MA, PhD Professor; History | Div Chair; Social Sciences david.bartley@indwes.edu ViewProfile
David Burden; MA, PhD Assoc Prof; History david.burden@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Jonathan Conrad; MA, PhD Professor; Political Science jon.conrad@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Christopher Coy; MA Asst Prof; Biology chris.coy@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Betty Jane Fratzke; MS, EDd Professor; Psychology | Chair, Division of Behavior Sciences bj.fratzke@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Brian Fry; MA, PhD Assoc Dean; Life Calling & Integ. Learn brian.fry@indwes.edu ViewProfile
J Russell Hawkins; PhD Assoc Prof of Humanities & History rusty.hawkins@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Tom Lehman; MA, PhD Professor; Economics tom.lehman@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Jerry Pattengale: MA, PhD Asst Provost; Public Engagement | Exec Director; National Conversations | Director; Green Scholars Initiative | Senior Scholar; Sagamore Inst. | Distinguished Senior Scholar; Baylor jerry.pattengale@indwes.edu ViewProfile

(1 - 10 of 16)

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