Social Studies


A Social Studies degree provides a broad exposure to the different fields of the social sciences: History, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, and Geography. This major often serves as a companion double major with Economics, History, International Relations, or Political Science. These areas are sciences in that they rely upon the scientific method of investigation. They are related to the humanities in that they focus upon the study of human persons and the human condition, as found in both individuals and society.

IWU's Bachelor of Science with a major in Social Studies program is ideal for those who are searching for the causal roots of human problems or their potential solutions. Teaching, politics, law, ministry, nursing, journalism, business, and social work are all intimately connected to the social sciences. Students may also choose to earn an Associate of Science degree for quick entry into the workforce and a foundation for further education.

If you are ready to examine, analyze, and better understand God's world and those created in his image, then we invite you to explore majoring in Social Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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