Science Education

The The Indiana Wesleyan University Science Education major is designed for students who love the natural world and the biological and chemical processes it entails. The program is also designed to meet the Indiana science education standards, and the standards developed by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

A degree in Science Education will equip you with the knowledge needed in your field of study, the skills necessary to convey that knowledge effectively to students, and the dispositions required to be a successful educator and difference-maker in the lives of your students and colleagues. IWU's program combines courses from both biology and chemistry, and includes a core of calculus, physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science courses, along with courses in animal, plant, cellular, and microbiology, and courses in organic, analytical, physical, and biological chemistry, among others. The major also includes professional education courses that prepare students to teach in public and private middle- and high-school classrooms. Content-specific coursework and clinical field experiences will allow you to combine theory and practice as you expand your knowledge and develop your God-given gift of teaching.

If you sense a calling to bring a Christian worldview to your teaching career, we encourage you to consider majoring in Science Education at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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