Many fields in the arts and sciences contribute useful knowledge. Public Policy programs make such knowledge transferable across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors by giving students the ability to acquire information and knowledge from across the disciplines to formulate comprehensive analyses of past, present, or future public policies, and to be able to present these analyses to decision makers. Faculty members from various disciplines such as Biology, Economics, History, and Political Science contribute to student training in ways that enable graduates from diverse disciplines to become culturally aware and socially sensitive policy leaders who are ready for career opportunities in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

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David Burden; MA, PhD Assoc Prof; History david.burden@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Jonathan Conrad; MA, PhD Professor; Political Science jon.conrad@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Christopher Coy; MA Asst Prof; Biology chris.coy@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Tom Lehman; MA, PhD Professor; Economics tom.lehman@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Jerry Pattengale: MA, PhD Asst Provost; Public Engagement | Distinguished Senior Scholar; Baylor | Director; Green Scholars Initiative | Senior Scholar; Sagamore Inst. | Exec Director; National Conversations jerry.pattengale@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mark Smith; MAR, MA, PhD Assoc Prof; History mark.a.smith@indwes.edu ViewProfile

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