As a Christian university, IWU provides students pursuing an undergraduate psychology degree in Indiana with a better understanding of human thought and behavior by studying psychological theory and research, exploring philosophical issues related to the nature of the person, and integrating their findings in light of Christian perspectives.

The Psychology program at Indiana Wesleyan University emphasizes the practical application of psychological principles in everyday life, combining theory and practice, scholarship and service. Coursework, practicum and research experiences help students develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, which will be invaluable in your chosen profession or as you pursue your Master's degree in a graduate program.

Students may also choose to minor in Psychology as a supplement to another IWU Bachelor's degree.

The curriculum provides students with a broad base and solid foundation in several areas -  including developmental psychology and abnormal psychology - while offering a Christ-centered approach to this vital and growing area. Faith integration within the field is emphasized, relating biblical principles to the study of human behavior. Our graduates are well-equipped to start a career as a psychiatric technician, pursue graduate education, or you could also use your degree to become a human resources manager.

Earning a Bachelor's of psychology in Indiana from IWU can be a great start to an extremely fulfilling career. We invite you to contact us at 866-GO-TO-IWU to request more information about our Psychology department.  

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