Printmaking affords the artist and printmaker a variety of processes, methods, and materials with which to produce multiple images from an original plate. Each process, whether it is relief, intaglio, lithography, or serigraphy, will yield for the artist its own unique aesthetic qualities. The broad versatility of the materials and processes availables makes it possible for the artist to create original work in limited editions. This yields a more affordable product to the consumer and generates a reasonable revenue return for the artist.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Printmaking major is established on a fine arts core of basic drawing, design, photography, ceramics, painting, and art history. In this program you will begin with a broad exposure to the major printmaking methods and culminate with a cohesive body of work and more focused printmaking skills. As your abilities are honed, our professors will help you develop skills that will develop you as a well-rounded and competent professional. You will build an impressive portfolio of work and gain advice from our knowledgeable faculty regarding your career after graduation.

A crucial part of your learning at IWU will be the integration of the role of a Printmaker with a spiritual responsibility to use your God-given gifts and talents to impact the world for Christ. Throughout your studies you will be encouraged and challenged to understand God's calling for you as an artist.

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