Political Science Pre-Law


A Political Science Pre-Law double-major degree will present the legal profession as an avenue of service. As an undergraduate poli sci major, you will be encouraged to consider law as a calling, a way to engage your faith in the public square. You will gain valuable study skills and learn the written and oral communication techniques that provide foundational preparation for law school or another advanced degree. A political science degree can prepare you for a career working in the public or private sectors in a variety of careers, including teacher, lobbyist, policy analyst, campaign worker and political consultant. As a double major, our Bachelor's program will fully prepare you for law school and graduate studies. Our goal is to thoroughly equip each student for successful completion of the Law School Admissions Test (or LSAT exam) and instill confidence for first-year law school.

Recent graduates of this program have gained acceptance into some of the nation's premier law schools. For more than thirty years, we have successfully shaped future leaders who are looking toward a career in law or considering advanced studies. Students may also choose to earn an Associate of Science degree for quick entry into the judicial system workforce and a foundation for further education.

If you are searching for a Christian university offering pre law in Indiana, we challenge you to consider majoring in Political Science Pre-Law at Indiana Wesleyan University. If you desire academic challenge, training under practicing professionals who are currently engaged in legal careers and participating in internship placements that give real-life, hands-on experience, IWU could be the school you've been looking for. 


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