Indiana Wesleyan University's Painting major is designed for those individuals who feel they are called to serve the world through the artistic discipline of painting. Our professors are dedicated to helping students build a foundation for a successful career in fine arts. You will work toward developing a relevant art practice through combining visual skills, rigorous critical thinking, and practical entrepreneurial knowledge. We believe that all artists should engage society through an honest, humble offering of their gifts in service to the world.

Our students are immersed in a combination of classical training and contemporary critical theory, mentored by faculty members who care deeply and work closely with each student to nurture his or her individual style while also inspiring new thinking and invention.

As you use the medium of paint to search and ask questions, you will discover that your life and work can be a way to authentically worship God and serve humankind. This synthesis of work and worship is redemptive and restorative for a world in great need of selfless love. And while you're here-at one of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the country-you'll be part of God's unfolding story as you set out to discover God's grand design for your life.

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