The Indiana Wesleyan University Mathematics-Interdisciplinary major provides a strong background for students planning to directly enter the workforce in a non-teaching career. A growing awareness of the power of mathematics in many other disciplines has led to a high demand for mathematicians who are able to apply their skills to solve challenging, ill-defined, large-scale, and cross-disciplinary problems. This major includes an internship and coursework in a related academic area chosen by the student. These experiences, as well as the flexibility to select from a range of math electives, allow you to direct your studies toward your areas of interest while still completing a rigorous core curriculum in mathematics.

Like the other math-related majors offered at IWU, the Mathematics-Interdisciplinary program emphasizes the integration of faith and learning, integrity, critical thinking, discipline, communication, and technology skills. You will be prepared both academically and spiritually to impact the world.

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