Whether right out of grad school or after some years in the profession, IWU professors moved to the head of the class. Was it a passion for sharing the field of their dreams? Was it a divine prompting to make students their business? Or were they looking for a place where they could teach their profession and still share a profession of faith? No doubt it was all of the above. We invite you to come to campus and ask students what they think.

David Boyajian; PhD, MS Visiting Professor of Mathematics david.boyajian@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Daniel Kiteck; MA, PhD Assoc. Prof. Mathematics daniel.kiteck@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Melissa Lindsey; PhD Asst Prof; Mathematics melissa.lindsey@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Robert Mallison; MS, PhD Assoc Prof; Mathematics bob.mallison@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Melvin Royer; MS, PhD Assoc Prof; Mathematics | Chair; Div of Math, Comp & Info Sciences melvin.royer@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Kimberly DeMichael; MEd Asst Prof; Education | Secondary Program Coordinator | Education Placement Advisor kim.demichael@indwes.edu ViewProfile
James Elsberry; MEd, PhD Professor; Education | Associate Dean; School of Education jim.elsberry@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mary Seaborn; MAEd, EdD Professor; Education | Director; Certif and Student Teaching mary.seaborn@indwes.edu ViewProfile

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