Looking for a business career that allows you to be creative? Consider a major in Marketing.

If you are a creative problem-solver who would like to go into business, then a degree in Marketing may be for you. Marketing majors learn how to promote products in traditional ways, such as sales, print ads, and television ads. However, as the media change, so does marketing. Increasingly, marketing students are learning to work with new media, including social marketing through sites such as Facebook. In addition, marketing courses are increasingly geared toward the global economy and strategies that students need to sell products worldwide.

Indiana Wesleyan University's Marketing major provides students with a solid understanding of business activities under the marketing umbrella - from the identification and selection of target markets to the development, pricing, placement, and promotion of goods and services and the management of relationships among business partners and their customers. Students receive a broad foundation in marketing concepts and practices and opportunities to pursue greater understanding and skills in selected areas of the discipline including sales, advertising, distribution and logistics, and international marketing.

A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Marketing will not only prepare you to be an effective marketing professional, but also an influential force for Christ in your workplace and beyond. Christian principles are interwoven throughout Business Division Marketing courses in order to prepare world changers who are not only the top professionals in their field, but also the most influential forces for God in their world.

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