At Indiana Wesleyan University, we view leadership as an important part of carrying out one's life calling, and the Leadership Studies program has this concept central to its exploration. Each faculty member in this program has a rich background in the fields of both of leadership and life calling. Working with these instructors, you will be able to explore and develop your unique leadership abilities, and you will discover how you can use them to make a positive difference in the world in whatever field you work.

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Petros Malakyan; MA, PhD Prof. Leadership Studies | Life Coach petros.malakyan@indwes.edu Department - Organiz Ldrshp Masters Division - Graduate Studies Leadership


Dr. Petros G. Malakyan is associate professor of Leadership Studies and life coach at the Center for Life Calling and Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University. He teaches leadership courses and provides individual life coaching/mentoring and academic advising services to IWU students.

Prior to joining the center, Petros was associate professor of Organizational Leadership and the director of Operation Impact Program at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California.

Petros is the initiator of a Foundational Theological Theory for Christian leadership and development and Leader-Follower Trade Model in leadership studies. He views leadership and followership as mutually influencing and interchangeable behavioral functions modeled and taught by Jesus Christ himself. Petros integrates Christ-likeness, servanthood, and the non-static concepts of leadership and followership in his teaching and writing. He has been teaching cross-cultural leadership internationally in the last 11 years.

Petros is the founding president of Christian Leadership International (CLI), Inc. in the United States (1999) and the National Leadership Institute (NLI) in Armenia (2000). CLI/NLI trains university students and graduates to become Christ-like leaders for Christian ministries in Armenia in the context of the Armenian Apostolic (Orthodox) Church.

Originally from Armenia, Petros’ family immigrated to the United States in 1990. From 1992 to 1998 he engaged in graduate and postgraduate studies at Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS) and earned two M.A. degrees in Intercultural Studies and Theology and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies with Leadership concentration.

Currently, Petros and his wife Anahit live in Marion, Indiana, while their grown daughter, Aregnaz, and son, Vahan, make their home in Southern California.

Educational Background:

  • B.A., 1989, Yerevav Polytechnic University
  • M.A., 1994, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • M.A., 1996, School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D., 1998, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary


  • Studies of leadership and followership
  • Intercultural studies
  • Leadership and culture
  • Leading across cultures in multicultural organizations

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