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The faculty has a record of empowering students to be engaged in the field, researching problems and potential solutions, presenting scholarly papers at national conferences, rolling up their sleeves to work toward the mitigation of global issues, or serving overseas for the U.S. government.

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David Burden; MA, PhD Assoc Prof; History david.burden@indwes.edu Department - Social Science Division Division - Social Sciences


Dissertation: “La Idea Salvadora: Immigration and Colonization Politics in Mexico, 1821-1857.”

Major Field: European History
Minor Field: Latin American History
Research Project: “Professional Mexicanization: Manuel Gamio and the Politics of Acculturation.”

Majors: History, International Studies, Spanish.


Dr. Burden's investigations examine how immigration figured in Mexican political, social, religious and economic discourse during the nineteenth century. The project provides a broad examination of the intense debate surrounding such topics as border security, national identity, racial identity and religious toleration in the evolution of the Mexican state.

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