At Indiana Wesleyan University, our Interior Design program is designed to offer a Christ-centered approach to improving your craft as an artist. Our faculty members bring to the classroom a high level of design skills, critical thinking, problem solving, cultural awareness, and social responsibility. Your learning experience here will take you far beyond basic design theory as you are challenged to consider how you might represent Christ through ethical business practices and integrity as you interact in the design world.

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Wendy Puffer; MA Asst Prof; Art wendy.puffer@indwes.edu ViewProfile
William Carpenter; MFA Assoc Prof; Art will.carpenter@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Rodney Crossman; MFA Prof. Art | Artist in Residence rod.crossman@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Daniel Hall; MA Asst Prof; Art daniel.hall@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Henrik Soderstrom; BFA MFA Asst Prof; Art henrik.soderstrom@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Dallas Walters; MFA Professor; Art dallas.walters@indwes.edu ViewProfile

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