Graphic Design

If you've been searching for an Indiana graphic design program IWU's accredited Graphic Design major provides comprehensive study in graphic design and related fields. Our up-to-date graphics software and hardware allow us to train you using the latest tools of the trade.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on client-based graphic problem solving, creative idea development, training in industry-standard graphic tools, designing layouts, developing visual brand identities, studying graphic design history, understanding visual communication theory, honing aesthetic sensibilities, and preparing you as a professional destined for the design marketplace.

As you pursue your Bachelor's degree, you'll get a strong background in

  • Color Theory
  • Digital Photography
  • Drawing
  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • Art History

Learning to maintain your technical abilities, observing and analyzing current graphic design trends, and seeking an understanding of your profession in the light of God's leading for your life and career will all be stressed as we work with you to prepare for a career in the exciting and ever-changing design world. And while you're here-at one of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the country-you'll be part of God's unfolding story as you set out to discover God's grand design for your life.

If you are hoping to find a Christian university that offers undergraduate programs in the arts, we invite you to contact us at 866-GO-TO-IWU for more information about our graphic design degree in Indiana.

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