The majority of our English Education faculty members are PhD prepared, with appropriately diverse areas of expertise in all areas of literature and language. They are exceptional teachers who are also writers, lecturers, and editors, recognized nationally and internationally. They believe in learning with their students and in mentoring them in exploring language and literature as Christian scholars. Our instructors are known for excellence in teaching and in preparing other skilled and caring teachers.

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Mary Seaborn; MAEd, EdD Professor; Education | Director; Certif and Student Teaching mary.seaborn@indwes.edu Department - Elementary Education Division - *Education


Within the department, Dr. Seaborn has the honor of working with student teachers and teacher licensure as well as teaching in the classroom. The balance between these allows her to stay current in terms of what the students are experiencing in their student teaching settings as well as understand the various and changing requirements that are being developed by licensing agencies. That dynamic mix makes for a delightful career.

Educational Background:

  • A.B., 1976, Southern Wesleyan University
  • M.A.Ed., 1979, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Ed.D., 1985, Boston University


Dr. Seaborn's current research centers on the role of student teachers and means for their more effective transfer into the classroom setting. The two primary areas of research have to do with student reflection and classroom management. One has the student looking at himself or herself and how to be a better communicator to the students while the other has to do with the student teacher looking at his or her classroom students with an eye toward effective teaching.

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