The majority of our English Education faculty members are PhD prepared, with appropriately diverse areas of expertise in all areas of literature and language. They are exceptional teachers who are also writers, lecturers, and editors, recognized nationally and internationally. They believe in learning with their students and in mentoring them in exploring language and literature as Christian scholars. Our instructors are known for excellence in teaching and in preparing other skilled and caring teachers.

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Bradley Spaulding; MA Asst Prof; English brad.spaulding@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Timothy G Esh; MPhil Asst Prof; English timothy.esh@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Paul Allison; MFA, PhD Professor; English paul.allison@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mary Alice Trent; MA PhD Prof; English | Chair; Modern Lang & Literature maryalice.trent@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Charles Bressler; MS, PhD Professor; English | John Wesley Honors College | Senior Scholar for Undergrad Research charles.bressler@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mary M Brown; MA, PhD Professor; English mary.brown@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Kimberly DeMichael; MEd Asst Prof; Education | Secondary Program Coordinator | Education Placement Advisor kim.demichael@indwes.edu ViewProfile
James Elsberry; MEd, PhD Professor; Education | Associate Dean; School of Education jim.elsberry@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Katrina Karnehm; MLitt, PhD Asst Prof; English katie.karnehm@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mary Seaborn; MAEd, EdD Professor; Education | Director; Certif and Student Teaching mary.seaborn@indwes.edu ViewProfile

(1 - 10 of 11)

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