Dr. Tom Lehman is Professor of Economics at Indiana Wesleyan University. With six years of experience in the insurance, banking, and financial services industries, Dr. Lehman's core areas of teaching, research, and publication include: principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, public policy and administration, public finance and budgeting, urban economics and government, urban housing markets, urban economic growth, inequality, Austrian economics, and statistics and social science research methods.

Professor Ivan Pongracic was born in Zagreb, Croatia, and served 14 years in the governmental auditing agency, auditing governmental enterprises, companies, government funds, banks, and community budgets, including four years auditing the state budget of Croatia.

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Tom Lehman; MA, PhD Professor; Economics tom.lehman@indwes.edu


Dr. Tom Lehman is professor of Economics at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana, where he teaches Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Urban Economics and Policy, Public Finance, International Economics, Statistics and Research Methods, and American Economic History. Dr. Lehman is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University (B.S. in Economics) and Ball State University (M.A. in Public Policy). He holds a Ph.D. in Urban Economics and Public Affairs from the University of Louisville.

Educational Background:

  • B.S., 1992, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • M.A., 1994, Ball State University
  • Ph.D., 2004, University of Louisville


Dr. Lehman’s research interests include urban economics and local economic development, urban housing markets, urban economic growth and income inequality, and payday lending and other short-term loan markets. He has co-authored studies on the determinants of rental prices in urban housing markets. Most recently, his research has been focused on using census data to investigate the predictors of local economic development and growth in Midwestern non-metropolitan areas.

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