Build your dream in ceramics

If you have a passion for the pursuit, we can give you the opportunity to build whatever you dream of building.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Ceramics major provides a fully equipped studio with separate areas for electric and gas kilns, clay mixing, and glaze formulation. Two large studio spaces are available where students can create.

Beginning students work primarily with hand-building, particularly utilitarian and sculptural forms. Intermediate students work on developing skills on the potter's wheel and engage in a research project focusing on ceramics history. Two advanced ceramics courses explore glaze formulation and kiln construction. Meanwhile, advanced students, with the benefit of close supervision, are encouraged to pursue a self-directed course of study.

As a student who has an understanding of all the possibilities of working in ceramics, you can begin choosing the direction of your work and the shape of your ceramics dream. You will benefit from the advice and mentoring of professors who can help you visualize your future career path and then make it a reality.

At the same time, you will gain more of an understanding of and passion for worshipping God through the creation of your pieces. As a utilitarian and aesthetic art form, ceramics will allow you to unite the form and function of your works in a way that glorifies the ultimate Creator, giving you a clearer understanding of your life calling.

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