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Students are not allowed to register for classes with numbers 300 if their GPA is below 2.5.

Because the study of biology relies heavily on a solid foundation in chemistry, students are required to take CHE-125 and CHE-126. These two courses fulfill the 10 credit hours in chemistry that are required as part of the Biology major.

Biology Electives

In addition to the biology core and chemistry requirements, the Department of Biology requires all Biology majors to complete five elective courses in biology (a minimum of 12 additional credit hours). Courses may be selected from the following list:


Au Sable courses above 200 are also eligible.

Although not required for the Biology major, it is highly recommended that students planning on applying to any of the various medical or graduate schools in the sciences should consider the following courses:


Requirements for the Biology major (B.S.)

A major in Biology requires 52 credit hours of coursework (42 credit hours in biology and 10 credit hours in chemistry). Only courses numbered 125 and above may be applied toward the major or a minor in Biology. All prerequisite courses require a grade of ā€œCā€ or better.

To begin taking classes toward the Biology major, students must be eligible to take ENG-120 and have achieved the following: Math SAT I 480 (or MAT-120); ACT 21 (or MAT-120).

Biology Minor


Students are also required to take 15 credit hours of Biology electives at or above the 200 level.

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