If you feel called to write novels, history books, business reports, magazine articles, law briefs, or sermons (or anything else!), then Indiana Wesleyan University's Writing major is for you.

Our program stresses both the joy of composition and the practical application of writing skills to communication challenges in everyday life. Students are prepared both theoretically and practically to be outstanding communicators who use language carefully, effectively, and powerfully. Our graduates are published poets, children's writers, editors, teachers, church workers, or lawyers, or work in other professions that value the power of the written word. Students complete this program with a range of writing experience in various genres. IWU Writing majors not only become proficient in the practice of writing, but also discover their own voice and style.

With its strong liberal arts foundation, a Writing major is recommended as an excellent professional degree program. Students may also choose to minor in Writing as a supplement to another IWU major.

As a Writing student at IWU, you will be mentored by highly qualified faculty who will help and encourage you to develop a strong Christian voice and follow your calling to use language to the glory of God. You will discover that your life and work can be a way to authentically worship God and serve humankind. And while you're here - at one of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the country - you'll be part of God's unfolding story as you set out to discover God's grand design for your life.

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