A History degree will broaden your perspectives as you explore times, places, and peoples who are both dramatically different yet, at the same time, so very much like yourself. History is not merely dates, places, and names from the past. It is the story of people - who they are and why they do what they do - dynamic, alive, and ever-changing. To understand history is to understand yourself and others.

IWU's program will help you change the world by first learning how it came to be, what it is today, and where it is headed. This will lead you to an appreciation of diversity and enable you to pursue, discover, and value what matters most. The study of the past should lead to self-examination culminating in the question, "What can I learn about how to live?" These dispositions are central to and crucial for becoming citizens of the world in the twenty-first century.

Students may minor in History as a supplement to another IWU major.

If you have a passion for understanding the past and bringing a Christian worldview and context to your future work, then you should consider majoring in History at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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