Our English and Writing faculty are largely PhD-prepared with appropriately diverse areas of expertise in all areas of literature and language. They are excellent teachers who are also nationally and internationally recognized writers, lecturers, and editors. They believe in learning with their students and in mentoring them in exploring language and literature as Christian scholars.

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Mary Alice Trent; MA PhD Prof; English | Chair; Modern Lang & Literature maryalice.trent@indwes.edu Department - English Division - Modern Language and Literature


Educational Background:
  • B.A., 1987, McNeese State University
  • M.A., 1989, McNeese State University
  • Ph.D., 1995, University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Dr. Trent, founder and past chair of the Conference on Christianity, Culture and Diversity in America, teaches courses in advanced composition, freshman composition, linguistics, rhetoric, and African-American literature. Along with journal articles, poetry and stories, Dr. Trent has three books, Ethics in the 21st Century; The Language of Diversity; and Religion, Culture, Curriculum, and Diversity in 21st Century America.

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