The Indiana Wesleyan University English major is both timely and timeless. It is designed to provide students with a broad liberal arts background, an in-depth study of literature and language, a developing understanding of the human condition, and an ability to communicate effectively. With this background, our majors are prepared for a wide variety of professional opportunities, including positions in higher education, business, industry, government, law, medicine, social service, or editing.

Students may also choose to minor in English as a supplement to another IWU major or combine this major with a second major such as Writing, Philosophy, History, or Religion.

Faculty in the Division of Modern Language and Literature mentor students as they engage in their studies with a Christian worldview. These highly qualified and internationally recognized professionals instruct students and learn with them as they continue their journey and follow their calling to use language to the glory of God. Our graduates are men and women of letters who are able to explore and employ all facets of language - one of God's most cherished gifts to us.

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