Indiana Wesleyan University's Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) with a major in Chemistry degree program is designed for those Science majors who plan to pursue science-related careers in medicine or entry-level positions in industry. This is an especially attractive program for those who want to double major in Biology or some other field. This degree reflects a stronger general education flavor often desired by professional schools by requiring six hours of a foreign language, while decreasing the required chemistry courses.

A Chemistry degree provides a general background in the principles and concepts of chemistry. Students also develop the fundamental skills needed in preparation for their future studies and careers and learn from faculty with a wide range of experience, discovering the importance of chemistry and its application in today's world. During their time in the program, students have the opportunity to participate in a research project under the direction of a faculty member.

Science majors use the tools of their field to discover more about the complexity of God's creation. As students synthesize, integrate, and apply their scientific understanding, they will be challenged to consider the ethical and social implications of science while integrating a Christian worldview in their work.

If you desire to know more about yourself and your Creator, we invite you to consider the Chemistry major at Indiana Wesleyan University.


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