Master of Divinity Curriculum

To understand the unique nature of this M.Div. curriculum, you have to adjust your thinking from individual courses on individual topics to a web of interlocking and interrelated subjects. In addition to the specific Bible, theology, and church history courses, these foundational disciplines are integrated everywhere, every week, in every praxis course. One-fourth to one-third of the course work in the core praxis classes deals directly with biblical, theological and historical outcomes. They are woven into a tapestry of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are exactly the mix of resources a pastor needs to bring to the immediacy of a ministry situation. Additionally, Bible, theology and church history can be explored in 15 hours of elective courses. 

Course titles are subject to change.

Foundational Courses


Praxis Courses


Spiritual Formation



Electives (15 hours) Students take fifteen (15) hours of electives in either online or onsite in 1-week, 8-week or 16-week formats. See a list of recent and upcoming electives.

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