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South Hall Complex East (SHCE) is the all-freshmen wing of South Hall Complex (SHC). Besides a few upperclassmen leaders, every resident in SHCE is experiencing college for the first time, which creates unique and exciting opportunities for community and growth. SHC is classified as a "mentoring hall"; every freshman is intentionally paired with a "mentor" from South Hall Complex West. These relationships are set up to help Eastside residents in their transition to college life, and often include elements of social and interpersonal acclimation and spiritual development.

In order to incorporate the mentoring aspect and to provide identity for the newest residence hall on campus, SHC has chosen an ancient Greek theme. Through events, symbolism and décor, the ancient Greek theme is emphasized and integrated into daily life.


South Hall Complex is a mentoring community in which residents are committed to pursuing Christ passionately, challenged to grow holistically, encouraged to support one another daily, and motivated to learn continually.

An Inside Look

Building Features

  • furnished
  • Study Room
  • High-speed Internet
  • Cable TV (optional)
  • Heat/AC
  • ADA Compliant
  • Kitchen, Chapel, Exercise Room, Computer Room, TV Lounge
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MEET THE RD | Ferdinand Sanders

Ferdinand Sanders

'My desire is for Eastside residents to grow closer to Christ as they live, learn, and experience the ups and downs of life in a supportive environment.'

I was a weekly church-goer, but it wasn’t until my mid-teens that I took full responsibility for my faith. During these formative years, many leaders cared and invested in me. I began to develop a strong passion for serving others within the church and discovered my passion for worship ministry. Through college I continued learning how to effectively lead and love God’s people and had opportunities to practice. Through personal experience I know how crucial these college years are in developing into the person God created us to be.

Hometown: South Lyon, MI
Colleges Attended: Spring Arbor University
Degree: B.A. in Worship Ministry
Best ResLife memory:
Riding around campus late at night with my 3 closest friends/roommates rollerblading. I was being pulled by my friend on a bike, all while I wore a Darth Vader mask. Long story short, we rode around campus for hours dying of laughter, making jokes, yelling, and cracking up. We were all incredibly sore that next day...
Best thing about my job:
The opportunity to witness and play a part in the growth and maturity of freshman students throughout the course of the academic year.
Best thing about IWU:
The amount of support IWU gives to prevent anyone from “falling through the cracks”. The Mentoring Program in South Hall shows how much emphasis IWU places on intentionally providing safe and comfortable environments for students to live, laugh, and learn.

Community Outreach

Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club and Faith in Action are some ways the residents of South Hall Complex East have reached out to the community. In the past, they've also participated in campus clothes drives and Operation Christmas Child.


Building History

South Hall Complex (SHC) was completed in the summer of 2010. While one building, there are actually two halls in SHC -Eastside for 130 freshman men and Westside for 186 upperclassman men. The hall was built in order to purposefully foster mentoring relationships between first-time and returning students. SHC is part of the East Village and mirrors its sister hall, Beckett Hall.

Street Address

South Sign

South Hall Complex East
623 University Boulevard
Marion, IN 46953

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