Beckett Hall East

Beckett Hall East (BHE) is the all-freshmen wing of Beckett Hall. Besides a few upperclassmen leaders, every resident in BHE is experiencing college for the first time, which creates unique opportunities for community and growth.

Because BHE is a mentoring hall, an upperclassman resident of the Westside mentors every Eastside freshman. Eastside has adopted the tiger as its mascot. As Eastside Tigers we pride ourselves on being fun and approachable, while also emphasizing meaningful and vulnerable relationships.


Beckett Hall is a mentoring community in which residents are committed to pursuing Christ passionately, challenged to grow holistically, encouraged to support one another daily, and motivated to learn continually.

Building Features

  • Furnished
  • Study Room
  • High-speed Internet
  • Cable TV (optional)
  • Heat/AC
  • Kitchen, Chapel, Exercise Room, Computer Room, TV Lounge
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Meet the RD | Noelle Hagen


"My hope is that Eastside can be a place where residents learn what it means to love and challenge one another as sisters in Christ.'"

I have been at Indiana Wesleyan since the fall of 2009. My decision to come and work here came out of a desire to invest in the lives of younger women through mentoring relationships. My involvement in residence life and my relationship with my resident director during my undergraduate years deeply impacted the woman I have become today.

Hometown: Westfield, NY
College: Malone
Degree: Combination of Psychology, Communications and Theology
Best ResLife memory?
Running around campus in capes and diapers with my fellow RAs in the middle of the night.

Best thing about my job?
Being able to laugh and cry with the women I work with

Best thing about IWU?
Beckett Hall East

Community Outreach

Serving in the Open Heart Women's Shelter has been a privilege for residents of Beckett Hall. Through the giving of their time they are blessed with not only valuable life lessons - about God's grace, love and perseverance - but also with meeting women of great strength.


Building History

Beckett Hall was completed in the summer of 2007. Beckett Hall is actually comprised of two halls with 129 freshmen women living on Eastside and 180 upperclassmen women on Westside. The hall was built in order to purposefully foster mentoring relationships between first-time and returning students. Beckett Hall is part of the East Village and mirrors its brother hall, South Hall Complex.

Street Address

Beckett Hall Sign

Beckett Hall
521 E. 42nd St.
Marion, IN 46953

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