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Keynote Presentation

"Reaping the Benefits of SoTL: Conducting and Applying Pedagogical Research"
We were pleased to welcome Dr. Regan Gurung as the 2013 keynote speaker. Dr. Gurung is the Ben and Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Human Development and Psychology, and Chair of Human Development at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He was born and raised in Bombay (India), got a B.S. at Carleton College (MN) in Human Development, then spent 5 years in Seattle at the University of Washington. After receiving his Ph. D. (Social/Personality), he did postdoctoral work at UCLA (Health Psychology).

He has served in a number of roles at UW-Green Bay including Chair of Human Development, Chair of Human Development, Chair of Psychology, as Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and as co-director of the UW-Green Bay Teaching Scholars Program. He is also active outside UW-Green Bay. He is Past-President of the Society for the Teaching of Human Development (STP), Chair of the Education and Training Council (Health Human Development, APA-Div 38), and Past-President of the Bay Area Community Council (BACC). 

Dr. Gurung has been recognized as the "Wisconsin Teacher of the Year" and is a recipient of the UW-Green Bay "Regents Teaching Award."


Invited Talk Presentation

We were pleased to welcome Dr. Chip Bruce as the 2013 invited talk speaker. Dr. Bruce is Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His areas of research include community informatics; environments to support inquiry-based learning; collaboration in knowledge making; and new literacy practices. In 2007, Professor Bruce accepted the prestigious "Fulbright Distinguished Research Chair in Learning and Teaching" at the National College of Ireland. He spent one full year at the college engaging in research and teaching.


Pre-conference Presentations

Teaching with Panache:  Creating Memorable Learning Experiences that Inform and Transform


Session Facilitator: Brad Garner
-Effective teaching is one of the key elements in the promotion of student success in college. Come and learn 15 new ways to make learning memorable and transformative! 

Course Design: A Look into the Future


Session Facilitator: Lorne Oke
-Get a glimpse into the future and learn more about the basic principles of instructional design and the changes that lie ahead for faculty and students.


Engaging in the Scholarly Pursuit of Research and Publication
Session Facilitators: Chris Devers and Stacey Hammons
-This interactive session will provide you with the basics to pursue a professional agenda for research and publications.
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in the Classroom
Session Facilitator: Joanne Barnes
-This lively session will explore the ways in which cultural intelligence can become an integral part of classroom learning.

Academic Tracks and Presentations

Business Practice and Research

Organizational Culture, Leadership, and Change


Business Planning in an "Out of the Blue" Environment


The High Performing Organization: A Model for Leaders in the New Now


Corporate Social Responsibility and Deming's Continuous Improvement


Assessing Business Programs through the Business Capstone Course


Greed or Self-Interest: A Biblical Evaluation of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations


Corporate Social Responsibility and Deming's Continuous Improvement


Environmental Scanning: Critical to Business


Faith and Theology Practice and Research

Of Discipleship and Discipline: A Conversation on Student Formation at Christian Universities


Authentic Leadership and it's relationship to Ministerial Effectiveness


Global/Multicultural Leadership and Practice

Exploring Cultural Competence within the School Context and the Resulting Implications for a Teacher Preparation Program


Learning Styles and Cultural Intelligence in Global Leadership Development


Leadership Practice and Research

Servant Leadership: A Literature Review


Examining the Relationship that Spiritual Well-Being and Gender Have with the Leadership Practices of College Student 


The Relationship Between Leader Humility, Trustworthiness, and Integrity: A Study of Teachers' Perceptions of Principals


How Local Church Volunteers Experience Satisfaction in Their Local Church


Digital Window: An ARG for Leadership Preparation Programs


Wisdom for Leadership: Modeling the Cognitive Domain of Wisdom


Liberal Arts Practice and Research

Bearing Witness in the Literature and Composition Classroom Leads to Student Empowerment


Methods in Teaching and Learning

Improving Student Engagement in an Online Learning Environment


All the world's a stage: Improvisation, simulation, and game-playing as critical teaching and learning tools


Teaching as Acting


Improving Pre-Service Teachers' Questioning Patterns: An Example from Language Education


Examining the Role of Educational Foundations in our Current Political Climate


Implementation of Active Learning Strategies in Online Courses in the Health Sciences


Understanding What Undergraduates Know About Social Media: Transitioning from Casual to Business Usage


Teaching Research Concepts through Challenging Student Assumptions


P-12 Practices and Research

Change Effectiveness in Elementary Schools


Preparing students for STEM careers and the early college high school reform model


Memory Strategies Used By Teachers


Research in Adult Learning

Exploring Graduate Level Faculty Development Options: Faculty Members Perceptions of Needs


In Transition: Adult Program Governance Trends in Christian Institutions


Adapting Adult Learner Programs: Implementing Blended Learning


Quantitative Comparison of Traditional to Combined Online Instruction for Simple Linear Progression 


Technology Practice and Research

Studies on Future of Online Education and Impacts on Existing Online Education


Maximizing Your Voice: Ways to use Video Presentations to Improve Faculty Presence in an online Course


Undergraduate Research

Acculturation, Social Support, and Self-Esteem as Predictors of Mental Health Among Foreign Students: A Study of Nigerian Nursing Students 


Political Communication in the Evangelical Christian Community: An Application of the Theory of the Spiral of Silence


Shifting Sands: Re-Imagining Scholarship, Theory, and Practice (Conference Theme)

vLeader: A Simulation for Leadership Preparation Programs


Sturdy Enough: Stepping Beyond Some of Servant Leadership's Critiques
Faculty Development in the Age of Online "Everything" 


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