Marketing and Communication


The Marketing and Communication Department is responsible for ensuring consistent and accurate communication of the Indiana Wesleyan University mission and vision. Marketing and Communication team members oversee University branding, marketing, media relations, public relations, Web content, social media networks, events, print materials, promotional items, graphic design, photography and video production.     

IWU Marketing and Communication Staff

  • Janelle Vernon, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication
  • Sheri Ailstock, Marketing Assistant


  • Scott Todd, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Erik Fisher, Social Media Manager
  • Trevor Persaud, Communication Specialist
  • Nathan Childers, Web Analyst and Content Manager


  • Roger Alcock, Director of Events
  • Teresa Colyer, Events Manager
  • Bonnie Biggs, Events Coordinator


  • Jennifer DeBoy, Production Manager
  • Rohit Jesudian, Web Graphic Designer
  • Jer Nelsen, Photographer
  • Kelly Moses, Graphic Designer
  • Rachael Gouvan, Graphic Designer