Kern Ministry Scholarship

The School of Theology & Ministry is pleased to announce Kern Ministry loan-grants. Up to twenty students will be selected from among each incoming class of Kern students to receive five years of loan-grants and scholarships in the following designations:

Undergraduate Kern students receive a loan-grant of up to $3,000 per year for up to 3 years to help off-set the cost of taking additional semester credit hours, CLEP exams, and summer coursework needed to complete their degree in three years. 

    Tier 1: $3,000/year,  3.5+ GPA

    Tier 2: $1,500/year, 3.2-3.49 GPA

    Tier 3: $500/year, 3.0-3.19 GPA

For those students who choose to drop out of the program before completing their graduate degree, the loan-grant will become a loan and require that the student repay the university for any money received from the program. Half of the loan-grant money will be forgiven upon completion of the first two semesters of the graduate program with all of the loan-grant be forgiven upon completion of the graduate degree.

Graduate tuition for Fall 2015 has been set at $485/credit hour. Each semester consists of 12-13 credit hours with a total of 5 semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall Spring). The first 2 cohorts are scheduled to receive the following discounts: students who participated in the undergraduate Kern program will receive a 44% discount, students joining the program as a graduate will receive a 15% discount. 

Beginning in Fall 2017, the following scholarship tier system will be in place for all students entering the graduate portion of the program

    Tier 1: $2400/semester, 3.5+ GPA

    Tier 2: $1200/semester, 3.2-3.49 GPA

     Tier 3: $600/semester, 3.0-3.19 GPA 

Scholarships will be awarded by the Kern Scholarship Committee based on students' promise for academic excellence and pastoral ministry leadership. Students who are awarded the Kern Scholarship are expected to maintain a 3.5 GPA, participate in Kern Scholar activities (including a weekly mentoring session), and consistently participate in ministry leadership on campus throughout their undergraduate years. Students may apply the Kern Scholar scholarship to tuition, room and board, and books.

To be eligible for Kern loan-grants and scholarships, students must apply to the Kern Ministry Program. From among the applicants, the most qualified students will be selected to interview for the program.

Students will be evaluated based on (1) an essay, "My Call to Ministry"; (2) an essay, "Where I See Myself in Ten Years"; (3) an interview with members of the Kern Scholarship Committee and current Kern students.

Currently, initial interviews for the program take place during the first semester. Additional interviews take place throughout the calendar year until each of the twenty cohort positions is filled.

For more information about the Kern Ministry loan-grants, scholarships or the program itself, please email or call 765-677-2248. To be eligible to participate, complete your application to the Kern Ministry Program today!

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