Thank you for considering the Kern Ministry Program. This program is designed to prepare persons to become pastoral ministry leaders in the church. Students will experience a seamless 186-hour, five-year program culminating in a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries degree. (Requirements listed below.) A Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries will also be awarded as part of this program, dependent on each student's choice of electives.

Ministry practice domains are incorporated into the curriculum prior to the practical experience to prepare the student with depth and skills for pastoral work. Loan-grants and scholarships are also available for those students identified and accepted into the Kern Ministry Program who maintain a 3.2 gpa and complete the entire program in five years.

The fifth year of the program is a 11-month residential internship at a church under the mentorship of a pastor specially chosen for the program.   

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (years 4 and 5)

Advanced Ministerial Formation Supervised Practical Ministry
Hermeneutics for Ministry 3 Transition from Academy to Church 3
Biblical Theology 3 Mentoring, Spiritual Direction and Discipleship 3
Special Topics in Bible 3 Corporate Spiritual Formation 3
Pastoral Care 3 American Christianity 3
Formation in Christian Practices 1 Christian Education of Children and Families 3
Special Topics in Historical Theology/Christian History 3 Christian Education of Youth and Families 3
Special Topics in Systemic Theology 3 Mission and Church Health 3
Practical Theology of Ministry 3 Pastoral Leadership 2
Strategic Pastoral Counseling     3 Multi-ethnic Ministry
Formation Through Spritual Direction

Philosophy for Ministry 3
Advanced Homiletics 3 Ministry Master's Capstone 1
Leading Worship Renewal 3    

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