Although an education is a worthwhile investment, you should take advantage of every opportunity to earn as many scholarships as possible and receive any grant aid for which you are eligible.  Here are a few tips to help you maximize your financial aid:

  1. Make certain to file your FAFSA on or before March 10th 
    • You will need to do this every year
  2. Successfully searching for scholarships takes considerable time and effort. To maximize your time: 
    • Check out our link ( to Outside Scholarships
    • Dedicate time on a daily or weekly basis to completing applications and writing necessary essays - take your time - well done work is most likely to get noticed.
    • Be thorough in compiling the details of your academic merits, extra-curricular activities, and community service.
    • Apply for as many scholarships as possible. You will likely hear "no", but the more applications you complete the more chances you will have to receive a scholarship.
    • Talk to your high school guidance counselor to see if there are local scholarships for which you should apply, or contact your local community center about opportunities.
  3. Work diligently on your grades - the higher your GPA and SAT/ACT test scores, the more eligible you will be for grants/scholarships from IWU and from other sources.
  4. Talk to your church to see if they can support you with a Church Matching Scholarship (IWU will match gifts from your church up to $900 per year).
  5. If you (or your parents) have money set aside for your college expenses, consider investing it in a 529 Savings Plan ( 

FAFSA Code: 001822

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