Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration required to attend the banquet?

Yes, please register ahead of time.

Where is the Family Weekend Banquet located and do I need tickets for the banquet?

The Family Weekend Banquet is located in the Barnes Student Center Commons and if you have registered, you will not need tickets. You will just give your family name at the door.

What should I wear to the Family Weekend Banquet?

Family Weekend Banquet attire is dressy casual.

Where can I park while on campus?

The safest and easiest place to park is in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center parking lot, but there are various other parking areas. Just ask for more details.

How do I make a local call from a campus phone?

Dial 9 to get out and then the number that you are trying to reach.

Can I eat in Baldwin Dining Hall? How much does it cost?

Yes! You can pay cash or your child can swipe for your payment. If you pay cash, breakfast is $5, lunch is $6 and dinner is $7. Sunday Brunch is $7.

Can I sleep on campus?

Yes, you may as long as you are the same sex as the residence hall.