There's a certain energy that comes from being on a college campus. It's not just the architecture and attractive buildings that make IWU a great place for your conference or event; it's also an atmosphere that is both comfortable and professional. With our modern facilities and fully functional furnishings, IWU is well equipped to host conferences, concerts, sporting events, movies, meetings, coffee houses, lectures, discussions, presentations, breakout groups, colloquiums, pool parties, relays, obstacle courses, plays, classes, workshops, art shows, demonstrations, exhibitors, vendors, performances and worship. Whether your meeting needs are for 3 or 3,800 people, space is available for you.

Main Meeting and Event Venues:







Phillippe Performing Arts Center

Baker Recital Hall 175
Black Box Theatre 100
Phillippe Auditorium 1,150

Recreation and Wellness Center

Climbing Wall 25
Luckey Gymnasium 2,300
Intramural Activity Center 300
Natatorium 100

Barnes Student Center

Banquet/Meeting Rooms 30 - 500
Commons 100 - 300
Globe Theatre 200
McConn Coffee Co. 100
Piazza 250
Teter Café 240

Noggle Mini-Auditorium


Indoor Sports Complex



The state-of-the-art Chapel-Auditorium comfortably seats 3,800 people and is perfect for worship activities, formal ceremonies and musical performances. Learn more ...


Phillippe Performing Arts Center

Phillippe Auditorium

Located in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center, the modern, yet classic elegance of Phillippe Auditorium makes this the perfect meeting place for large gatherings. This 1,150-seat acoustically paneled auditorium provides an excellent atmosphere for concerts, rallies, cultural opportunities and educational events. Learn more ...

Black Box Theatre

This contemporary theater is located in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center. It contains 100 seats and offers an excellent location for stimulating dramatic performances. Learn more ...

Baker Recital Hall

This exquisite room is also located in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center and seats 175 people. The architecture of this room provides an ideal location for intimate interaction and smaller concerts or meetings. Learn more ...


Barnes Student Center

Banquet/Meeting Rooms

Versatile space can host large or small fine dining events at round tables seating up to 200, or barracks-style seating up to 300. For audience-style seating we can accommodate up to 500 guests. Our main banquet/meeting room can be subdivided into thirds for just about any meeting purpose. Learn more ...


This spacious area accommodates a variety of functions. Tables can be placed throughout the room to facilitate small group connections, or audience-style seating can accommodate up to 300. The open atmosphere lends itself well to worship, entertainment or dining events. Learn more ...

Globe Theatre

Conveniently located in the Barnes Student Center, this theater provides an excellent venue for featuring movies, lectures or formal presentations for audiences up to 200 people. Learn more ...

McConn Coffee Co.

Sit by the fireplace, listen to your favorite music and enjoy one of McConn's specialty drinks. This coffeehouse offers an intimate location for conversation and relaxation. This area accommodates up to 100 people. Learn more ...


Designed to look like an attractive European village, this venue is great for large parties and receptions with regular seating for 262 people and exceptional outdoor views. Learn more ...

Teter Café

Memorabilia from years gone by maintain their fame on the walls of this restaurant-style dining room. The nostalgic ambiance makes it the perfect location for special meals or events. Learn more ...


Athletic Facilities

Recreation and Wellness Center

This centrally located facility offers multiple options for promoting health and fitness including an indoor track, a four-lane swimming pool, a 25-foot climbing wall, racquetball courts, gymnasiums, and exercise and weight rooms. Learn more ...

Troyer Fieldhouse

A state-of-the-art facility offering over 73,000 square feet of space, two long/triple jump pits, a pole vault area, an indoor weight throw and a 200-meter eight-lane track that can accommodate track and field events of up to 2,000 people. Learn more ...


We offer twelve full-length tennis courts, three sand volleyball courts, a basketball court, an Olympic-style nine-lane track, and multi-purpose fields for your sporting events or marching band camps.

Conference Services

Barnes Student Center
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953