Guidelines and Process


  1. Any church providing a scholarship for its students may participate in the Church Matching Scholarship (CMS) program.
  2. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  3. Students must be traditional undergraduate students and enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours in order to receive a CMS grant from IWU.
  4. Matching funds cannot exceed a student's total cost.
  5. Students need not complete the FAFSA (federal financial aid form) to receive funds from the CMS program.


This process must be followed annually. Each year we request the church notify IWU before June 30* of their intentions to give another scholarship to their student(s).

  1. The student petitions his or her home church. This is ideally completed before May 31 for the next academic year. The student should follow the process that his or her church has established to apply for church scholarship funds. If no process has been established, the student should print out the Student Application Form, complete it, and submit it to his or her church scholarship committee or youth pastor for consideration.
  2. The church notifies IWU of the upcoming scholarship. We request the church notify IWU's Church Relations office of its upcoming scholarship award prior to June 30*. This is accomplished by the church completing the Church Award Form. The form can be submitted directly through this website or printed out and mailed to:
    Indiana Wesleyan University
    Church Relations Office
    4201 S. Washington St.
    Marion, IN 46953

    We recommend that the student follow up with the church in May to be sure this form has been submitted prior to June 30.* The church must submit a new form each year for the returning student(s).

  3. The church celebrates the award with the student(s). Churches that are granting Church Matching Scholarship awards may want to present a certificate to their students at a public meeting (e.g., Education Sunday). We have provided a Certificate Template for your use. This certificate does not guarantee an IWU Church Matching Scholarship; the church must still submit a Church Award Form annually to the Church Relations office and follow the program guidelines regarding deadline dates, etc.

* Please note: Church matching awards received after June 30 may not yet be shown on the student's financial aid award and the student could be responsible to pay the remaining balance upfront. The Church Matching Scholarship award will be rescinded if IWU does not receive the money from your church.

Church Relations

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Phone: 765-677-2113
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