Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Church Matching Scholarship (CMS) program limited to certain denominations?

A: All Christian denominations are eligible to participate.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum limit IWU will match?

A: There is no minimum. IWU will match up to $1,500 per student, per year for Wesleyan denominational churches and up to $1,000 per student, per year for all other churches. Churches are encouraged to support their students with larger scholarships, but IWU will only match up to the maximum amount.

Q: Are students eligible for the CMS every year?

A: Yes. Once a student is enrolled in the program, he or she may continue to benefit from it as long as the student meets the guidelines, the student's church notifies IWU by June 30 of their intent to provide another scholarship, and the scholarship check is received at IWU by August 1 for the fall semester and by December 1 for the spring semester. Church matching awards received after June 30 may not yet be shown on the student's financial aid award and the student could be responsible to pay the remaining balance upfront.

Q: Is the CMS available to graduate students and students in IWU's College of Adult and Professional Studies programs?

A: No. However, churches are encouraged to assist the student with direct scholarships to the student's account. Other aid is available for these specialized programs.

Q: What if a student doesn't qualify for financial aid under the existing federal and state guidelines?

A: The student can still receive a CMS award of up to $1,500 from IWU for Wesleyan denominational churches and up to $1.000 from IWU for all other churches. The middle-income student is most helped by such a scholarship. No federal or state financial aid forms need to be submitted to qualify.

Q: May a parent of an IWU student give to this fund?

A: No. Gifts by parents are not acceptable during any year the contributor's child is a recipient of a CMS. The intent of the CMS program is to provide new forms of financial aid for students. Awardable monies in this program must be derived from sources that are "detached and of disinterested generosity." The program is not intended to match money that would have been provided through other channels.

Q: If I work for a company that matches gifts to IWU, will my gift and my company's matching gift go into our church's CMS account?

A: Yes, if your child is not benefiting from the CMS program that year. A church's scholarship account at IWU will grow more rapidly as donors utilize their company matching programs. We encourage you to take full advantage of your employer's matching gift program, if they have one.

Q: What special benefits are available to Indiana residents?

A: Indiana donors are eligible for a 50 percent tax credit on gifts up to $400 when filing a joint return, or $200 on individual returns.

Q: What if a student withdraws from school or decides not to attend?

A: Any unused scholarship money remains in the church's account for future use.

Q: Should our church wait to enter the program until we have a student coming to IWU?

A: No. Begin contributing now so you will be prepared when students from your church do enroll. Planning ahead two or three years will be beneficial to your students. It is easy to miss the requested June 30 date for the first student.

Q: Can someone answer further questions about how the Church Matching Scholarship program works?

A: Yes. Please contact the Office of Church Relations at 765-677-2113 or with your questions or to make arrangements for someone to visit your church to discuss the CMS program.

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