Building your Church's Account

Did you know you can increase your church's Church Matching Scholarship (CMS) account at IWU without impacting your congregation's budget?  

Individuals from your church can give directly to IWU and designate the funds to go to your church's CMS account. The individuals would be gift-receipted for a donation to IWU and the dollars would go into your church's CMS account. The only restriction is that the parents of a dependent who is getting a CMS award are not allowed to give to this fund. The monies have to be from "detached and disinterested generosity." The donor cannot designate who the money is for; it would go into your church's CMS account, and the church's scholarship committee would designate how the funds would be disbursed by the Award Application Forms that the church submits to IWU annually.

Here's how it works:

  1. An individual writes a check payable to Indiana Wesleyan University.
  2. In the memo line on the check, the individual puts "Church Name - CMS."
  3. The individual mails the check to:
    Indiana Wesleyan University
    Church Relations Office
    4201 S. Washington St.
    Marion, IN 46953
  4. Indiana donors also get a state tax credit when donating to IWU (form CC-40 must be filed with your state tax return). Donors from other states may want to investigate their potential tax credits.

Dollars Multiplied

As an individual donor, your gift could be doubled or tripled if you work for a company that has a matching gift program. Those corporate match dollars would also go to your church's CMS account. A donor who obtains such a matching gift can obtain a form from his or her personnel office and enclose it along with the donor's gift.

If an individual donor sent $500 and included a company matching gift form, the $500 could be doubled or tripled. That means $1,000 or $1,500 would be added to the church's CMS account without impacting the church's budget. With those dollars being matched by IWU, an initial investment of $500 has the potential to turn into $3,000, without costing the church anything at all!

If you would like more information about Church Matching Scholarships and building your church's account, feel free to contact us at or 765-677-2113.

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