Personal Training

Students who need help with their workout routine and motivation to stick with it can seek help from one of our student trainers. Campus Recreation works closely with the Exercise Science department to provide students who want to gain professional experience designing workouts and working with clients.

Training is available for IWU faculty, staff, spouses, students, and Facility Club members. Clients are only guaranteed one 4-week session at a time, as trainers must meet with those on the waiting list before continuing with current clients. This is due to student work hour limits.

What Can a Personal Trainer Do for You?

  • Design a personalized exercise program to meet the client's goals.
  • Assist the client in minimizing injury during each workout session.
  • Provide the client with motivation and accountability
  • Provide resistance training instruction
  • Provided workouts that are time efficient
  • Provide workouts that assist the client in achieving results

Initial Assessment

The first appointment assesses your current fitness state, personal goals, and the motivation level needed to be successful. It may include body composition, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance testing.
Approximately 20 minutes.
Price: FREE (with the purchase of sessions) | $10 without sessions

Personal Training Session Pricing

Package 170
You and a partner meet with the trainer 2 days a week for 4 weeks ($170). A workout is given for the third day.

Package 120
You meet with the trainer 2 days a week for 4 weeks ($120). A workout is given for the third day.

Package 20
Includes a workout session (approx. 1.5 hours) to design a workout plan to meet your needs, with a follow-up visit one week later to check on progress and answer any questions. ($20)

Download a Personal Training Form

Questions about Fitness/Wellness programs can be directed to:
Adam Myers, Director of Campus Recreation