Intramural Sports

Active U

Maybe you've always been athletic, but the pressures and commitments of varsity sports are just a bit more than you're willing to tackle. Or maybe you love sports, but you're just not quite a varsity-level talent. Maybe you are a varsity athlete, but it's the off-season, and you want a fun, low-key way to stay in shape.

Intramural Athletics are designed with you in mind, whether you fit into any of these categories - or even if you fit into none, but just think it would be fun to get a team of your friends together to compete. From traditional sports such as basketball and football, to the bit more exotic (walleyball anyone?), intramural sports exist to provide a fun, active experience on campus.

You can sign up at to participate in intramural sports!

Intramural Sports

Luau Sand Volleyball September
Men's & Women's Flag Football September-October
Men's and CoRec Outdoor Soccer October-November
Men's and Women's Volleyball November-December
Men's and Women's Basketball January-February
Inner Tube Water Polo February
Swim Meet March
CoRec Volleyball March
Men's and Women's Indoor Soccer March-April
Racquetball May

Intramural Events

Backyard Brawl November
Our guys' and ladies' Flag Football champs take on Taylor University, Huntington University & Anderson University in a fun evening of football, food, music, and a great time!
All Star Classic April
Our men's and women's Basketball winners challenge the winners from Taylor, Huntington & Anderson Universities for Intramural Basketball mania!

For more information, see the intramural sports information on the myIWU page.