Group at TableThe Learning Academy: Mission Goals and Features

Our Mission The mission of the Learning Academy is to create collaborative experiences for faculty to explore and master the skills, perspectives and competencies necessary to design and facilitate exemplary learning experiences responsive to the needs of all students.

Goals Features
  • To promote a continued awareness of best practices in teaching and learning as reflected in the professional literature
  • To create a forum for faculty to discuss and explore effective approaches to teaching and learning
  • To disseminate best and emerging practices in teaching and learning
  • To facilitate the integration of technology into the process of teaching and learning
  • To foster collaborative efforts that bring the greatest possible benefits to our students
  • To recognize and encourage faculty who share an interest and passion for creative and effective approaches to teaching and learning
  • The Learning Academy celebrates the continued commitment of Indiana Wesleyan University to excellence in teaching and learning as a core value
  • The intended goals of The Learning Academy connect directly with the Professional Development Plan and Rank Promotion
  • The learning experiences available through the Learning Academy are available to all full-time and part-time faculty in a variety of delivery modes
  • Funding for faculty incentives will be made possible through external consulting and other professional services provided by the Center for Learning Innovation