Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Faculty Enrichment

Mixed Media Producer and Learning Academy Developer

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As a Mixed-Media Producer and Learning Academy Developer, I strive to get at the story behind the purpose of each project we do. Stories intrigue us and we spend our lives listening to them, sometimes even losing ourselves in well written books, TV shows, movies, music or even campfire tales meant to give us goosebumps and quicken our heart beat. It is this core fascination with story which has the ability to capture our attention, open our imagination and ease the process of learning. My role with the CLI is to help faculty capture their stories through course introductions, interactive, immersive narratives or even just downloadable voice streams. This includes all stages of production from concept to completion. I also enjoy teaching faculty and students the techniques of video capture, lighting and set design so their own projects will better reflect their professionalism and production value with a goal of clearer communication of their messages.



  • Certificate, Project Management, Colorado Technical College
  • Certificate, Writing, 2008, Colorado Film School
  • Certificate, Directing, 2008, Colorado Film School
  • Certificate, MSCE Course Completion, 1998, New Horizons C.L.C.
  • Certificate, A+, 1997, GTE Corporation
  • Certificate, HTML, 1996, CompUSA
  • Certificate, M1 Abrams Tank Turret Mechanic, 1991, U.S. Army
  • B.A., Business Information Systems, 2013, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • A.A.S., Writing and Directing, 2008, Colorado Film School