CLI Faculty Media Services 

Welcome to Faculty Media Services, a service of CLI's Faculty Enrichment team. We want to help course writers, onsite and online faculty improve new and existing courses through the use of learning technology. From video to graphics to audio and beyond, we want to support you in helping students learn anytime, anywhere. Be sure to explore our many media services below. We offer many media production services, but we also offer many training resources for helping you to produce your own videos, graphics, lecture recordings and more. We encourage you to check out these Self-service Resources first, then contact us if you would still like our assistance in media production.

Self Service Resources

  • Blackboard Video Everywhere In Blackboard, you can record video everywhere from the content editor. Once installed and activated, a new icon is added to the content editor that controls a user's webcam. When activated, users can record video from the content editor and upload it directly to YouTube™. Users must have a Google® account that is registered on YouTube. A YouTube channel is required to process and save your webcam videos.
  • Camtasia Relay  This tool provides reliable screen recording and sharing capabilities for video announcements, content delivery, video walk-throughs, student feedback and more.  The simple recorder interface lets you focus on your e-learning content without worrying about technical details. 
    • Tutorials  By selecting the Send to My Media, option, your recordings are automatically uploaded to Blackboard.  You can then insert them into your courses.
    • Download IWU faculty members can download and install this software for free. 
  • Adobe Connect  Indiana Wesleyan University has adopted Adobe Connect 8 as our tool of choice for video-conferencing and virtual teaching spaces. This tool can also be used for screen recording while simultaneously sharing files and interactive links.  

In Studio Video Production

Want to add a video introduction or learning object to your course or program? We are here to help.  We provide three levels of video production service:

  • Capture and Load: At this level of service, we will record your video, do basic editing and upload it to the IWU media server. This is our most basic service.
  • Capture and Edit: At this level of service, we will record your video with multiple takes, do basic editing and color correction and upload your video to the IWU media server.
  • Capture, Edit and Enhance: This is our most comprehensive, and time-consuming, video service. We will walk you through storyboarding your video, record your video with multiple takes, do advanced editing and color correction, add text and graphics and upload your video to the IWU media server.

Note: more advanced work will take more time to shoot and produce.  

Media Learning Objects

Video is not the only kind of media learning object CLI supports. We also can provide assistance in developing a good number of other resources. These include: 

  • Learning Graphics: Need a chart or diagram for your course? We can connect you to a designer to assist you. 
  • Screen Capture: We can assist you in learning how to capture the screen of your computer to produce a training video for a lesson, class lecture, and so much more. 
  • Audio Podcasting: Publish audio podcasts for your course through the iTunes U e-learning service. Students can then listen to them at their own convenience. 
  • Voicethread: Voicethread allows real-time discussion of PowerPoint slides, videos, pictures and more. Post your media and your students can log on any time and respond via text, audio or video. Students can even post their own presentations and let other students respond to them. 
  • Interactive Captivate Video: Record a video and add real-time quiz questions, text entry, advanced graphics and more. (mention time and planning needed) 
  • Other: Have another e-learning tool you’d like to use? Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Ready to take the next step? Complete this Learning Object Request Form to get in touch with the CLI team and get your project started. Please note: a standard turnaround time on one of our projects is from two to four weeks. If you need a faster turnaround, either consider our Self-Service Resources or contact our team to see if we may be able to serve you faster.