Curriculum Development

The Center is involved in consulting with faculty as well as guiding the design and development process of online and onsite curriculum across the University. The team of instructional designers is well versed in the science of content alignment across all delivery modalities. They have extensive experience in online learning as well as blended and face-to-face environments. Their role is to assist faculty and course writers in the preparation of learning experiences aligned with developed assessments so that the students can be successful in accomplishing the defined outcomes of the course. They also encourage faculty to integrate new strategies and technologies in situations where it would be beneficial to the learning opportunities for the students.

The IDs support the curriculum development process by:

  • working with the academic leaders across the university to incorporate an efficient and effective curriculum development process that accommodates each Primary Academic Unit.
  • consulting with course writers in the alignment of courses from outcomes, to assessments, to activities through content design and development.
  • developing online courses for delivery in Blackboard.
  • maintaining, editing and updating courses in Blackboard.
  • consulting with course writers as they consider new learning technologies and strategies for their students.
  • assisting faculty in the development of new multimedia elements and digital learning objects for student engagement.

Quality Matters

IWU instructional designers adhere to and are certified in Quality Matters™ standards. Quality Matters™ is the premier international standard for course design in both online and blended formats. IWU's instructional designers are trained and certified by Quality Matters™ to be able to use the Quality Matters Rubric™ to review course design for quality at IWU and at other participating universities around the world. Quality Matters™ helps to ensure quality course design and an appropriate improvement cycle. Check out more about Quality Matters™ at pdf.